Maintenance / Repairs

Routine preventative maintenance for your roof is a kin to changing the oil in your vehicle. If you spend a little money to put good oil in it at scheduled intervals, it will last a very long time and provide years of trouble-free service. This minor expense will come back to you many times over in how long your vehicle lasts and its value at trade-in, not to mention the major premature expense avoided if the oil changes aren’t performed.

For most roofs, we recommend inspection and routine repair twice per year; usually in the spring and fall. These inspections include:

A walk-thru inspection of the field of the roof, perimeter flashings and details, termination points, roof-top equipment and their flashings, drains, gutters and scuppers. Removal of accumulated debris on the roof and around drainage points; i.e. drains, gutters, scuppers, etc. Repair of routine discovered defects using quality products compatible with your roof system, including follow up details of the repairs performed with photos.

Notification of any serious problems with a proposal for repair. Notification of any discovered defects with roof-top equipment and/or items not directly related to the roof system.

What should you pay for a preventative maintenance service?

We perform hundreds of preventative maintenance inspections and certainly believe we’re entitled to make a fair profit on this work. Unfortunately, many contractors offer this service with the intention of let’s say “hitting it out of the park” from a profit standpoint.

Here’s how. Many contractors offer this service for a fixed cost based on a square footage price, which appears to be very inexpensive; routinely 5 to 10 cents per square foot with a minimum charge. If your building is 50,000sqft, at a nickel a square foot, you’re looking at $2500. Arguably not an exorbitant amount, however, if the roof’s not too complex, and in decent condition, the legitimate charge to perform the inspection could easily be as low as $1,200; less than half of what you’re going to pay.

We believe there are far too many variables with these inspections and repairs to apply a “one size fits all” price structure that covers us in the worst scenario. For this reason, the vast majority of the time, we perform this work on a time & material basis, providing a fair situation for both contractor and owner.

Our philosophy is if we take care of you and provide value on the little stuff, odds are you’ll choose Premier for the big stuff.